A modern man’s majestic musings on mortality, morality, masculinity and moreover, Marcel Lucont, multi-award-deserving maverick. A multimedia mélange of magnificence.

Marcel mixes deadpan stand-up, bawdy chansons and exquisite sex poetry with a dash of visual trickery. He has toured the world for the past few years, playing all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He has appeared on ABC2’s Set List, BBC3’s Russell Howard’s Good News (UK), TV3’s Best Bits (NZ) and Ricky Gervais’ Derek.

Louche as ever, with this new show Marcel is as much a treat for regular Marcellites as for newcomers to Monsieur Lucont’s oeuvre; prepare your sous-vêtements to be charmed away by this Frenchman regardless of your gender or sexual preference.

What DeadMan did:

DeadMan is producing Marcel Lucont at the Adelaide Fringe 2015.